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Gregory Dillon Is The College Boyfriend Queer Kids Missed Out On.


Gregory Dillon understands feel-good pop music. He was primed for it in his suburban childhood by skimming asphalt on his electric-green Razor™ scooter and perfecting ribbon-dance routines with his sister on the trampoline. Into adulthood he moved to New York City and began writing pop music, bringing  the euphoric feeling of childhood play-time to industrial Brooklyn.


Gregory Dillon’s music brings nostalgia into the mind of the listener. With an 80’s stained sound and a quirky obsession for color blocking, his style caught the eye of publications such as GAYTIMES, BILLBOARD, and BEDFORD & BOWERY - the last of which writes of Gregory’s sound as “firmly situated in 2019, [and] pulsing with a yearning to look backward.” Gregory Dillon’s energetic synth-driven production and sensitive vocals are perfect for remembering sweet times from the past, or making new ones for today.

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